What Should Be Considered While Using Twitter?

What Should Be Considered While Using Twitter?

Twitter, which entered our lives in 2006 and has never lost its popularity, is still one of the most preferred applications among social media networks. Twitter users can convey their feelings and thoughts to their followers through tweets. Since there are numerous advantages to being featured on this platform, every user wonders what needs to be done to stand out. Because popular users do not have difficulty in making their voices heard by large masses and can direct people's perception on many issues, especially social issues.

If you pay attention to the posts you will share on the Twitter platform and the other actions you will take, you can be an effective and professional user and guide your audience in the best way. By browsing the list below, you can learn what to consider when using Twitter.

· When using Twitter, you should be careful not to share tweets that will contradict yourself. For example; If a user who constantly praises the economic situation suddenly argues that the economy is bad, this will not give confidence to other people.

· You should not share content on sensitive and unpopular topics such as slang, profanity, humiliation, harassment and rape. However, you need to share in order to raise public awareness on issues such as violence against women.

· You should follow the Twitter agenda closely and do not forget to express your own views.

· You should be careful not to tweet about only one topic.

· You should take into account that tweets made only in the field of profession and business are not liked and are boring.

On Twitter, people enjoy seeing traces of daily life. While sharing, instead of constantly sharing a famous line or saying, you can talk about your day.

· You should fill the Twitter bio section with a short article describing you.

Individuals who pay attention to the above-mentioned issues can easily stand out on Twitter and become a popular user. In addition, even if you do not intend to stand out on the Twitter platform, it is recommended that you pay attention to these issues.

What are the Twitter Rules?

Twitter, like every social media platform, has some community guidelines. If you use Twitter, you must act in accordance with these rules. According to the Twitter community rules, +18 content cannot be included on a platform that can be used by individuals of all ages. In addition, sharing that will increase sensitive issues such as violence and rape is not allowed.

Although it is not known and paid attention to, swearing is prohibited on all social networks, including Twitter. If a person swears and the offender files a criminal complaint, they could face up to 3 years in prison or a judicial fine. Therefore, it is very important to stick to the rules when using Twitter.

What Should Be Considered While Making TT?

TT, which stands for Trend Topic and is also known as a hot topic, helps create a headline on Twitter. TT, which is seen with a # sign at the beginning, can be done with a correct title and subject selection. If you follow the current agenda closely and open a topic not long after the event, you may be TT.